Hetz VC Data Program - “SPARQL”

Hetz VC Data Program - “SPARQL”

Welcome to SPARQL 👋

At Hetz, our mission is to be the first-choice investor for ambitious early-stage founders.

Our goal with this program is to become the go-to seed-stage VC firm for teams involved in the Data space and for executives and professionals to be involved in a unique community experience to advance their careers and skillset and benefit from multiple upsides.

SPARQL is a unique and exclusive program designed to help founders at the ideation and early stage journey to form a successful company in the data space. Designed by technical operators with deep knowledge and background in the data space and unique access to worldwide data executives.

We are investing out of the Hetz funds back by its track record and entire back office support. We lead or co-lead the vast majority of pre-seed and seed rounds that we invest in, and we like to be hands-on and work with our companies. We see ourselves as your true partner and will never interfere with your day-to-day unless you request. We identified repeating patterns with early-stage companies, so we designed this program to move fast and bring a lot of value, especially in the early days.

For executives and professionals in the space, we created a new networking experience (by invitation only) to engage in peer collaboration and our companies. You will have the ability to shape the industry and have a significant impact on how solutions in the data space are getting built to provide value to real day-to-day challenges.

Drop us a note if you are interested to learn more.

Keep reading for more details on our operating plan and how it works.
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